Meet the Kith & Kin CBD family


Oral drops

A range of strengths devised for everyone from absolute beginner to CBD devotee.


Water solubles

CBD you can add to your morning juice or coffee. What will we think of next?


Skin care

Invigorating skin creams and serums, enriched with our 100% organic Swiss CBD.



Soothing sports gel and massage oil for people who live busy, active lives.

CBD oral drops

Certified 100% organic CBD. So pure, we went all the way to Switzerland to source it.


CBD WTR water solubles

CBD WTR, our water soluble CBD range, is exclusive to Kith & Kin. You won’t find it anywhere else.

CBD skin care

A unique combination of our Swiss CBD oil, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and E.


CBD oils & gels

Our Active range gives you our 100% organic Swiss CBD in a soothing massage oil and muscle gel.

Trust and traceability

If you’re like us, you’re choosy about what you put into your body. All our Swiss CBD is organically certified to Bio Suisse regulations — the highest standard for Swiss organic farming — which means it contains the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, making it rich in taste and premium quality. We guarantee no harmful chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.

Treat your body well. Trust Kith & Kin.

100% organic Swiss CBD


Triple laboratory tested


No artificial colours


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“I recently started using Kith & Kin WTR and I’m in love. The CBD drops make me feel super relaxed in my muscles and I enjoy taking them before bed.”


“It took me some time to use these products as part of my routine. I am so grateful now. A few drops of the CBD water in a warm drink before bed and I sleep so well. I wake up feeling refreshed and it has such a benefit for the rest of my day.”


“I started using Kith & Kin products recently. I love them. The skincare serum and cream feel amazing. The texture of the cream is lovely and thick but doesn’t feel heavy or cloggy on my face. My skin looks super clear .”


CBD five star review