Find out why you should choose organic CBD products over their conventional rivals.


Why is it important to choose an organic CBD product?

1 Feb 2021

At Kith & Kin we believe in treading lightly on the land, not just because it feels right, but because food grown without harmful pesticides and fertilisers reduces our exposure to artificial chemicals. Also, crops grown in organic soil may be up to 40% more nutrient-dense than their commercially-grown counterparts.

Interestingly, research suggests that the same benefits may also carry over to CBD and hemp-based products in general. Organic cannabidiol could offer users advantages that you simply don’t get when you choose products made with non-organic ingredients.

Fewer toxins

Some plants are very good at filtering out toxins in the soil and preventing them from becoming incorporated into their tissues. But hemp is different. It performs a sort of ‘soil cleansing’ role, filtering out dangerous compounds and embedding them in the plant’s own structure. This makes hemp a great phytoremediation tool — phytoremediation is the process of using plants to remove toxins and heavy metals from the soil, making them safe and productive again.

Hemp is a soil-cleansing superstar. After the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown, the Russians used it to try to clean up the area — with some considerable success.

Since then, the plant has been used to improve soil quality all over the world. Researchers have discovered that hemp can remove heavy metals from old contaminated mine soil and make it productive again.

For soil and the environment, this is all good news. But for hemp users, it is a worry. You could inadvertently be putting high concentrations of heavy metals, pesticides or other contaminants into your body, counteracting the health benefits you’re trying to achieve. Not good!

Organic hemp, however, lets you sidestep this issue. Most growers produce it inside vast greenhouses or in very strictly controlled outdoor conditions where they do not need to apply fertilisers and pesticides. And, what’s more, they also carefully source their soils, avoiding anything that might contain high levels of heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury.

By contrast, when you buy non-organic hemp products you get no such assurances. In fact, some suppliers actively seek out contaminated soils because it increases CBD yields. Adding heavy metals to the mix appears to stress the hemp plant in a way that increases its cannabidiol output, creating an economic incentive to allow contamination.

The only way to truly protect yourself against this is to use certified, organic CBD. Always check the product labels to see how the original hemp was grown. As a second line of defence, you should also make sure that your CBD products are independently lab tested to ensure they are free from harmful compounds and heavy metals.

“When choosing CBD products, you should always look for an organic label. Products that aren’t organically produced put you at risk of putting toxins into your body.”

Better for the environment

This study suggests that herbicides and pesticides can have devastating effects on the environment. They protect crops and increase yields, but they destroy local ecosystems by wiping out native plants and insects.

Whilst the compounds were created with the best of intentions, and they have positively impacted food production in the way that they were designed to, the unforeseen damage they have also caused is immense. Biodiversity had been badly hurt and the impact had been felt up and down the food chain, including substantial species loss.

Organic production, including that of hemp, however, doesn’t  create these problems. Hemp growers, for example, produce the vast bulk of their crop to strictly controlled soil conditions or inside large greenhouses which creates a physical barrier between the hemp and the rest of the ecosystem, eliminating the need for any herbicides or pesticides at all.

Organic hemp also helps to prevent a phenomenon called ‘pesticide and fertiliser run-off’. Ideally, farmers need to contain deadly chemicals within the borders of their growing areas. However, when it rains, water transports these compounds away from where they’re needed and out into the wider ecosystem where they can cause more damage. Research suggests that this might reduce soil quality by eliminating the diverse range of plants that usually create it.

Greater antioxidant levels

Antioxidants are one of the most fascinating subjects in nutrition and plant biology — and they matter for CBD users as well. The terpenes found in hemp, for instance, may offer benefits that go beyond those provided by cannabidiol alone. So what’s the link with organic farming methods?

Plants create antioxidants to protect themselves from threats in their environment. Broccoli, for instance, produces foul sulphurous compounds to prevent predators from eating it before it has had a chance to flower. Similarly, grapes produce rich pigments in their skins to protect themselves from damaging UV rays in sunlight.

Researchers, like Harvard geneticist David Sinclair, believe that antioxidants in plants help us become healthier too. Our bodies detect the stress-responses in plants and then use that as a sign that ‘tough times are ahead’, leading to activation of the body’s anti-oxidative function.

Conventionally-grown produce, however, tends to have fewer antioxidants because the plant is less stressed. And because the plant is less stressed, it doesn’t have as many compounds to support our health and wellbeing. Some researchers believe that this phenomenon might explain the dramatic rise in global obesity rates.

Organic plants, however, have to deal with all the stresses and strains that nature throws at them. And so they produce more protective compounds. So, in theory, full spectrum organic CBD oil may confer more benefits than non-organic versions.

Kith & Kin CBD is certified 100% organic

When choosing high quality CBD products, you should always look for an organic label. Products that aren’t organically produced put you at risk of putting toxins into your body. At Kith & Kin, our CBD products are reliably produced to the Bio Suisse standard — the highest organic farming standard in Switzerland.